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Beyond Books n compliance Chartered accountants online

Chartered Accountants

Beyond Books N Compliance Company Secretaries online

Company Secretaries

Beyond Books n Compliance Cost Accountants online

Cost Accountants

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BBNC Vision of Beyond Books n Compliances


To build a robust virtual fintech platform synonym to Resorting and Compliance requirements.
BBNC Mission of beyond Books n compliance


As a team of qualified professionals, we want to help clients businesses to grow by ensuring accounting and compliance functions of business are strictly adhering to local laws and regulations in which they operate.
BBNC objectives of beyond books n compliance


We are committed to build the long term relationships with our clinets to achieve the real success.

Our Popular Services

Business Set-up Package
  • Incorporation
  • Commencement of business Certificate
  • GST Registration
  • Professional Tax Registration
  • Auditors appointment
  • Other required registrations and Licenses
Accounting Package
  • Book keeping
  • GST Returns filings
  • TDS Returns filings
  • PT Filings
  • ITR Returns filings
  • Audit
  • Transfer Pricing
Secretarial Package
  • Board Meetings
  • DIR 3 KYC
  • FLA Reporting
  • DPT 3 Filings
  • ROC Filings
Legal Package
  • Agreement Drafting
  • Legal Consultation
  • Trademark Registration
  • Copyright Registration
  • Patent search
  • Patent Filing


Client Data confidentiality of BBNC
Confidentiality of Data
BBNC adds value to the services that we provide
Value added Services
Client Satisfaction is our first priority of BBNC
Assured Satisfaction
BBNC offers more than 125 Services under a single roof
125+ Services

Personalized packages will be offered by BBNC to its clients with professional assistance
Personalized Professional Assistance
Timely response to our clients from BBNC
Quick response
All the processes of BBNC are predefined
Defined Processes

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