Individuals who want to become a director or who is already a director or partner in an LLP. Holds a unique Identification number called DIN (Directors Identification Number). DIN is allocated to an individual after filing the e-form DIR-3.
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Earlier (before 2018) DIR-3 form filing was a single time activity for a director to become or to remain as a director in a company. but now with an update in MCA’s registry, it became mandatory for all directors who hold a DIN to submit their KYC details in e-form DIR-3 KYC every year.

Irrespective of the status of the DIN as approved or disqualified it is mandatory to file DIR 3 KYC for every director every year.

There are two types of DIR-3 KYC

  1. DIR 3 e-form KYC: This form needs to be filed for the first time when an individual becomes director. Also, in that situation when any details of the director changes such as a change in phone number, address, email, etc. To file DIR-3 e-form KYC, a Digital Signature Certificate (DSC) is mandatory.

  2. DIR-3 Web-KYC: This form needs to file for those who have already filed DIR-3 KYC the previous year and do not have any updates in their personal details. Such as Phone no, address, email, etc.

Benefits of DIR 3 KYC

Active DIN Status

If individual files for DIR-3 KYC his DIN Status remain active. If DIR-3 KYC is not done then the DIN of an individual may get disqualified and he/she will not be able to become a director or a partner in any Indian entity for the next 5 years.

Avoid Penalties

If DIR 3 KYC has not been done within the given due date (usually it is September 31) then a penalty of Rs. 5,000/- shall be levied by Ministry. This is a mandatory penalty and cannot be avoided.


How to Register/Process DIR 3 KYC?

Step 1: Share the required documents and information

Step 2: We shall process the DIR-3 KYC form

Step 3: OTP Verification

Step 4: Sharing Deliverables

Key Deliverables

a. Filled e-form

b. Challan


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Frequently Asked Questions

Director himself or a person who holds a DIN is liable to complete DIR-3 KYC. Directors who have changed their residential address are liable to fill the form DIR-3 e-form KYC.
The purpose behind introducing the Form DIR-3 KYC is to record the correct details of the DIN holder
  • There are cases where individuals applying for DIN have furnished wrong information. so, this is to verify the details given earlier.
  • There might be some recent changes in the address or contact details or any other relevant information of the DIN holder. Which he needs to update using Form DIR-3 KYC.
  • Form DIR-3 KYC WEB is simply to verify the data filled by the DIN holder in his previous year’s Form DIR-3 KYC. Provided that the entire data is updated and there are no changes in the data.
    No, e-form DIR-3 KYC is not mandatory compliance until the DIN holder is having any changes in the details, he/she has furnished in the last year’s form. However, DIR 3 WEB KYC form needs to be filled
    No matter if the person is appointed or not as the director in any public or private company or is a partner or not in the LLP. If he is a DIN holder, he must furnish form DIR-3 KYC and update the details.